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Hana Lima by Kolokea specializes in Satin Ribbon Leis, Ipu' & Ipu' He'ke instruments bags and Hawaiian Quilts - Quillos.

See my photo gallery of beautiful fancy satin ribbon Forever Leis' . . . .SpecIal Orders are available - order "way in advance" of your event as these are very intricate designs made with many hours of love. 

Braided Satin Ribbon Leis' are popular items throughout the year for graduations and are available in Arizona and other sporting teams;  Arizona colleges and high school colors. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the events.



Privacy & Safety

I have data security on all my systems.

I do not share your information with any person, company or organization.

Bulk Orders are available

You have a special cause you participating in?

You have a family reunion?

School group fundraiser or recognition?

Need more than a couple braided leis. . . I can help you out on that. . . the more you purchase the less the price is. . . .Let's talk. . .

For all CAUSES. . . 

Breast Cancer. Autism, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Dementia, Domestic Violence. . . .I can make for any program you are associated with, promoting, or hold dear to your heart.

For all OCCASIONS. . . 

Kindergarten/middle/high school/college graduations, weddings, retirements, funerals, birthdays. . . .etc.

Payment Methods

- Cash


- Credit / Debit Cards 

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