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And it all began . . .

Star Market Store Front

As a child I grew up here with self-employed parents who worked hard.  I learned inventory, to read invoices coming in and out on product.  How to price items from wholesale to retail.  How to add in your head, give change, count out the change, make money orders, bank deposits, pay bills.  I learned with this store and with other achievements they shared.


My Dad would buy items in Tijuana to take up to northern California's Flea Markets. On the way up Old Highway 1/Pacific Coast Highway; he would stop at different farms and ranches making deals.  On the way back we would pick up some type of seasonal fruit he would sell from a booth at the National City Swap Meet.  It was my brother Gary & my responsibility to stay with the booth. . .well you know who didn't get in trouble.  I think now at ages 7-11 child labor laws would forbid it. . .I loved every minute learning "values of life".


Notice the area around the property above. . .that was "before" I-805 was built.  My Dad was the "original house flipper".  He had a partner and a work crew that moved several of those homes up and down the freeway path to other areas of San Diego County; from North Park to Spring Valley.  And YES, we helped clean up the property lots from rocks, tree branches, weeds, painting, scrubbing.  Again with "no fuss" because that's what we did as a family for the family.

Always with my dream of running the family business with my parents. . .

School Craft Faire

And then it started. . .little did i know how much 2016 was going to change my life. I had been puttering around with upcycling items and really wanted to get involved in the craft business.  I contacted a wonderful couple, The Costellos, who shared a wealth of information with me; that turned into such a blessing.

The seedling is beginning . . .

Church Mouse Boutique
Blessed Scrament Church Scottsdale

Church Mouse Boutique at Blessed Sacrament Church Scottsdale December 2017 seemed to be the start of something BIG!!!  It was my first "real" craft fair circuit event.  Boy was I so excited; was I prepared enough, did I have everything I needed to be more presentable compared to 2016 Burton Elementary School's craft fair?

I was more than prepared . . . I was blessed by meeting Margo M. and her invitation to come be part of the Ohana.  She shared resources with me for my dream of being in the Arizona Aloha Festival.  We were able to attend a KHOH get together and met a whole new family. . . OHANA!

Mercy Family with Zooey

2018 was filled with many blessings and many sorrows. . .2019 started out very difficult losing my mother after her long battle with a brain tumor.  That loss was filled with love from all those who supported and encouraged me to continue on with my dream.

The    seedling   sprouted   roots . . .

May Day Festival
Pleasanton California

May 2019 - May Day Festival. Pleasanton California is when the dream became a reality!  This was going to be my dear cousin Yvonne's last craft fair after 40 years she was passing the baton over to me.

WHOA!!!!  Not only did I have my standards to live up too. . . but "now" I am carrying on a legacy that is well known in the Northern California Aloha craft fair circuits as well as within the family. . .her leis are phenomenal, her customers order months in advance of shows.

She has been my Queen-O-Sabe', my Sense', my mentor, my lei KUMU, my encouragement, my shoulder . . . Thank you CUZ . . . I'm here to carry on your legacy with honor, . .Love you Dearly!

    My Dear Cousin

BEST PIC of me n Cuz Yvonne

What excitement - not only driving by myself to northern California, but driving back with a van full of my new business.  I had some work ahead of me; starting with looking for craft fairs and watching out for the Arizona Aloha Festival announcement that the application has been posted.  

Starting the business
Hana Lima By Kolokea. . . the beginning

While moving forward I came across the KHOH hula class information.  I needed Ohana, to get out of the house and to exercise.

I was welcomed with open arms just like a long lost relative. . . ahh it felt like home. . .like northern California. . .I recognized loving faces . . .you could feel the Aloha.

Kumu Kaimi's Grand daughter's 1st Brthday Party

Once Kumu Kaimi knew I was starting my business she was encouraging and supportive.   As the awesome Kumu she is and how she lives the Aloha way - as soon as she found out I was approved for the Asian Festival, she recruited help with the shows for me.  Thank you Antonio, Mano & Braddah Mikey.

Mahalo KUMU 

The seedling broke ground   .   .   .

1st official Show
Asian Cultural Festival 
Scottsdale Arizona
Asian Cultural Festival
Scottsdale Arizona

November 16-17, 2019 - It is happening . . . I can not contain myself.   I am so full of excitement.  Not nervous,  it was a productive set up evening of the booth.  I was very pleased with my booth location.  

My team was on point - my husband - my operations manager.  For 27 years awaiting this dream with me.  He has always been by there since the table he got me with his supervisor Wilda from Barona Casino.


Braddah Mikey. . .  For all of you that know him - you know he is the real thing.  A real man that walks the Aloha truth.  I am truly blessed to call him Lil Brah!

My Hubby Helper
Mikey Helper

What fun. . . I had an excellent booth location. i could see all the festivities; the cultural dances and clothing.  KHOH was participating, they hung out with me and  I met so many amazing people.  There was so much cultural appreciation it was a wonderful experience.

I was fortunate to meet Matt Kramer and Millie & Roland Ho from Lau Kanaka No Hawaii.  

The   roots   are getting stronger .   .   .

Glendale Community Church Show

November 23, 2019 Glendale Church Craft & Vendor Fair

I'm on a roll. . . a week after the Asian Festival I participated in another small craft fair. 

Again with my team in tow, James Stover;  who also assisted at the Asian Festival was there to help out.  I appreciate you all. . .my team is up in the wee hours of the morning.  Set up is usually by 7/8 am, depending on the location you could be up by 4am.

I am truly blessed.

The Sprout is reaching for the sunshine   .    .     .

Blessings, Blessings, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. . . .my dream has come true. . .I have been accepted into the Arizona Aloha Festival!!!!

I was shouting it from the mountain tops. . . I called my cousin Yvonne you need to come help.  The Aloha Festival is a big event I had always attended as a visitor, but as a vendor that's a whole new thing. . .i was nervous, very nervous.

OK, I have 4 months to stock up on products and learn new lei patterns.

Cuz coming for AZ Aloha Festival & CoVid-19, Ugh!

Queen-O-Sabe', Sense', my lei Kumu arrived all will be well now! . . . Or so we thought.

We were cutting, folding, measuring, going to this fabric store, that fabric store.  We had a week to make several items!!!!

The Lord is good, Aunty Faye unfortunately could not make the Pleasanton May Day  Festival 2020.  I was able to take her spot and perhaps establish a spot for 2021. . . Or so we thought.



Alas, my dream of participating in the AZ Aloha Festival was going to be delayed as well as the opportunity to participate at the May Day Festival in Pleasanton  The Lord has a way of showing me patience.

Aloha Cuz. . . we still had fun.  I will cherish the time we shared together these past few months.  I continue to learn so much from you not only crafts; with discussing business sense, and life lessons.  You are such a good Kumu and all my life a loving and caring cousin. . . my arm still hurts from the smacks to knock it off!!!  

Leaving all secure

And the Lord said, "Let there be masks"  .    .     .

To prepare for my cousins departure she needed to be secure.  This was at the very beginning of the Pandemic.  Mass hysteria, no toilet paper, flights being cancelled.  Fortunately she was able to fly home.


With the posting of her with masks, gloves, wrapped from head to toe.  There were inquiries as to where she got her masks.  I had made them for her.  I then began to received requests.


I lost count at 262, but I have made a few more since I lost count.  No, I did not charge anyone for them.  Yes I accepted elastic, fabric and monetary donations that went towards the supplies I used.  I mailed them to Northern & Southern California and to Missouri in addition to family and friends here in Arizona.

Donation of 300+ masks throughout community

The Sprout is not only reaching for the sunshine, but has sprouted   noids .   .   .

Our Heart Farmers Market
Glendale Arizona
Our Hear Farmers Market
Glendale Arizona

Our Heart Farmer's Market- 3rd Saturday of the month 9am-2pm

Four long, long, months later in August 2020, late one evening I was looking to see if anything in the craft field was opening.  What a surprise to see an advertising for a Farmer's Market, close to me, a one day event and at a very reasonable booth fee.  . . oh my it was the up coming Saturday.  I messaged the event administrator, Jeannie Johnson, asking if by chance there were any available spaces left.  She said yes, and I was accepted within 30 minutes.

Was I ready . . . I had been ready since March, for the AZ Aloha Festival.  This was not my typical venue.  But hey, everyone was looking for a place to go why not offer my products in person as well as my website.  It would get me out, I would meet new people and let those that have graciously given me their patronage to come by a new venue and see me again.

Blessed, yet again by being put in the right place at the right time.  From this venue I am able to pursue other opportunities with my Puerto Rican food - pre ordered, pre paid, and picked up from this location and the ability to provide top quality CBD edibles and homeopathic topicals at reasonable cost.

I will be here monthly through the season.  With the hope and expectation of the opening of and the acceptance of my applications to the AZ Asian Moon Festival 2021, 2022 AZ Aloha Festival and 2022  May Day Festival Pleasanton California . . . God willing I will achieve the dream of a life time . . .until then I will continue  enjoying the path that is leading me there.

. . . the Dream Begins . . . 

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